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Store Mannequins – A New Collectible

  • Monday, 02 March 2015 00:00
  • Written by  Fresno Estate Sales

Mannequins used to display clothing in stores are the latest collection to be honored with a Manhattan Museum display. One firm, Ralph Pucci, was one of many mannequin repair businesses and created unusual mannequins that were designed by famous modern artists. Dozens of his figures will be on display.

Shapes have changed with fashions. A child mannequin with a cloth body and iron high button shoes is from the late 19th century. So are dress forms shaped to favor bustles. Dummies with the flat-chested Art Deco look of the 1920s, the shapely Marilyn Monroe form popular in the 1950s, thin Twiggy-shaped figures of the 1970s and modern large bust, large derriere models made today tell the history of beauty and fashion, and are all collected.