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101 Reasons To Shop At Estate Sales…

  • Tuesday, 09 September 2014 00:00
  • Written by  Fresno Estate Sales

101 Reasons to Shop at Estate Sales/Auctions, Storage Auctions, Business Liquidations, Farm Sales, etc. (in no particular order): 

2. Your wife needs a new stove.
3. Because vintage clothes really ARE cooler!
4. Gold and Silver prices will continue to climb.
5. Fine Art and Decor for the home.
6. The old computer just ain’t what it used to be.
7. Let’s replace this old sofa, once and for all!!
8. Because you can never have too many neat old tools.
9. Repurpose old wood and cabinetry for a vintage designer look.
10. Asian pottery…we’ve all heard of the amazing prices they continue to bring.
11. Don’t pay high prices for camping & fishing–besides, the old stuff is better!
12. You’ve always wanted an old camera to get back into film photography.
13. You’re still missing a few issues of your favorite old magazine.
14. That blank spot on your garage wall needs another old sign.
15. My dad had a car just like that and I want one too!
16. Just Save Money, Period.
17. That auctioneer is always so entertaining.
18. Start an Ebay business.
19. Vintage Vinyl Records sound WAY better!
20. I can stock all the office supplies I’ll need for the year, from 1 or 2 sales.
21. Coins, Rare Stamps, Old Currency; collect or resell them.
22. Back-to-school supplies.
23. Toys and games for the young ‘uns.
24. See all your old auction buddies.
25. Brag about the latest treasure you scored.
26. If it weren’t for all these estate sales, weekends would be boring.
27. Recycle useable items–it’s good for the environment.
28. Start a collection of antique English Porcelain.
29. Knives, Swords, Military Collectibles.
30. Old Postcards: Memory Lane here I come!
31. I wonder if that nice lady I met will be at the sale again…
32. Winter’s coming and I need a leather jacket.
33. Summer is here and I need a convertible!
34. The old boat needs a new motor.
35. The old fisherman needs a new boat!
36. Can you say “Vintage Jewelry”!!
37. Baby needs a new crib.
38. Mommy and Daddy need a new bed.
39. Fashion accessories galore!
40. Because new building supplies are SO expensive!
41. Never, never, never, never, NEVER pay Retail.
42. Guns, Ammo, Reloading Equipment.
43. Crafts, Scrapbooking, Sewing & Fabric.
44. Stock up on DVD Movies.
45. Mid Century Danish Modern Furniture.
46. A new fridge for the Man Cave.
47. My mom will love this old kitchen stuff.
48. Comic Books, Video Games, Star Wars Collectibles, Action Figures.
49. Baseball Cards, Sports Memorabilia.
50. Luggage, Travel Accessories.
51. Antique Toys, Diecast Cars, Radio Control, Hobby.
52. I’ve been looking for one of those for years!
53. Gift ideas you can’t find just anywhere.
53. It’s great dealing with an honest, ethical seller.
54. I can re-decorate my whole living room with this stuff.
55. This stuff reminds me of The Good Old Days.
56. Open a space in a local Antiques Store.
57. I can finally afford a pool table.
58. I never know what I will find that I just can’t live without.
59. You can meet some really nice people at Estate Sales and Auctions!
60. So we can watch you on Antiques Roadshow with your once-in-a-lifetime find!

(A work in progress, more coming soon. Send us yours!)